Garage Door Service & Repair

Garage Door Repair in Greater Sioux Falls

Garage doors that don’t open and close properly not only make getting in and out of your garage a real challenge, they put your vehicle and other possessions at risk, and your family’s security in jeopardy. Your utility bills may also increase in step with your frustration level. At Complete Garage Doors, Inc., we service garage doors of any make and model, whether purchased from us or not. Our trained technicians have seen it all and fixed most of it. We carry a large inventory of parts and can expect speedy delivery of components we don’t stock.

For professional commercial or residential garage door repair in the greater Sioux Falls area, contact Complete Garage Doors today!

Service Plans Save Garage Doors!

A simple maintenance plan can help you avoid most garage door breakdowns. Complete Garage Door performs maintenance on residential and commercial garage doors based on your lifestyle or business needs and budget. We work on doors of any make and model, whether or not it was purchased from or installed by us. No job is too big or small for our dedicated team of experts.

More about our service plans:


We’d be happy to arrange a visit quarterly, once a year, or whenever you need us, to ensure that we catch small issues before they become major problems.


A technician will clean and grease your garage door, inspecting its parts and repairing or replacing them as needed.  These include: rollers, hinges, springs, and cables.